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    Proudly serving Pleasant Hill, Missouri locals, and business owners for over ten years. Driggs Roofing is an all-in roofing company and your most trusted roofing experts. We are the best company that holds itself to a higher standard and integrity from its commitment to quality workmanship!

    When it comes to superior and modernized roofing solutions, we are on top. We have the knowledge plus the latest roofing techniques, which allows us to deliver 100% success and the best roofing experience from start to finish. Additionally, our accomplishment is achieved by each individual’s hard work and dedication as a team.

    We are your best choice among roofing contractors near you! Our team comprises highly skilled and well-trained professional roofers that can answer all of your inclusive roofing needs. If you want to maintain the beauty and health of your properties, this is your chance! Contact us now.

    Are you living in Pleasant Hill, Missouri? That’s great news. We live here too!

    Driggs Roofing – Your #1 Choice for Roofing Services

    If your home or commercial premises is in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, and you require roofing services, look no further than Driggs Roofing. We are the number 1 choice for your roofing needs.

    We are privileged in supplying our customers with first-class and modernized roofing solutions. As many years have passed, we pledge to continue our utmost respect and care, in line with our company’s integrity prioritizing excellence in customer service.

    More and more homeowners and commercial premises are looking for roofing services. Some prefer asphalt roofing, metal roofing, TPO roofing, etc. Others are looking for roof repairs and inspection. Today, we’re going to make the case why you should consider us other than roofing companies out there.

    Six reasons why hiring us:

    1.Following City Building Codes, and Guidelines and Permits

    As professionals, we practice following the set of laws and regulations that govern how roofing projects get handled in Pleasant Hill, Missouri. We have secured our permits to conduct roofing inspections, repairs, and other services.

    2.Your Safety

    Roofing is a dangerous project, and there have been numerous cases where contractors have fallen off roofs trying to conduct installation or inspection.

    We didn’t, and we won’t conduct any operation where our workers don’t suit themselves with safety equipment. We know potential accidents may happen in the process, which is why we secure our roofer’s and client’s safety.

    3.Staying Within Your Budget

    A common issue that usually happens to homeowners with DIY roofing is going over their budget. Without proper planning and budgeting, this might cost you more than you expected.

    We have offered our clients a clear service agreement upon price and within a specific time-frame. We stay within the project’s total cost, and the quote will not change unless we both agree to the change in writing.

    4.Advice on the Best Materials

    We have been working as professional roofers for many years, and we advise our customers to choose only the best materials for their roofs. The quality of your roof determines the lifespan and its durability to the weather patterns in the city. Those who have worked with us experienced the advantage of getting quality roofs.

    5.Timely Completion of the Project

    We know time is critical in some situations, like having roof installation with the onset of the rain. So, we always get it done as early as possible or on-time.

    6.You Get Quality Work

    Our description in quality work is having all these benefits, including:

    • Saving your money
    • Strong, durable, and reliable roof
    • Enhanced look of your home or building
    • Adds value to your home or building
    • Guaranteed warranty

    Our Services

    1. Roof Inspection

    Getting your roof inspected regularly is one of the most important preventive maintenance to consider. If you need an inspection, give us a call today!

    2.Roof Repair

    There are no requirements to call yourself a roofer. But, homeowners or property owners need to be cautiously selecting the right roofing company to do very well in roof repair services. Connect with us to know more about our roof repair.

    3.Metal Roofing

    Depending on the materials you choose, metal roofs will last 40-70 years. To know more about our metal roofing services, kindly visit our website.

    4.Asphalt Roofing

    Try our asphalt roof and enjoy a beautiful curb appeal in different colors that suits your taste.

    5.Commercial Roofing

    If you own a commercial building and you’re looking for roofing services, come to us! We offer roof inspection, repair, asphalt roofing, metal roofing, and TPO roofing.

    6.TPO Roofing

    Get your TPO roofs at the most affordable price. To know more about TPO roofing, visit us now!

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