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Asphalt roofing has become quite popular in Kansas City Metro when it comes to roofing options for residential and commercial properties. An asphalt roof is easy to install and offers excellent benefits such as superior level of protection, very affordable, versatile, great array of style, compatibility in a wide range of roof pitches and can last for many years. Most of all, they are highly attractive and can really give your residential or commercial building stylish looks.

Want a New Asphalt Roof on Your Kansas Home?

At Driggs Roofing, we handle asphalt installation, inspection, repair, and replacement services. We offer a wide variety of affordable and quality asphalt roofs in different styles and colors you want to choose that best fit your needs.

We are a one-stop company that can cater to all your asphalt roofing service needs. With over ten years of experience and thousands of satisfied local clients, we are the best company to rely on.

We operate in the most efficient way with our set of skills, knowledge in roofing products, and proper installation. Our very own skilled roofers have been able to ensure quality work. We are different from other competitors as we guarantee you’ll get the best service possible with results that exceed your expectations.

We’re passionate about helping our local customers. If you want to get the best value for your money, you can reach us anytime. We have a deep commitment to strong customer relationships and satisfaction. Call us now – (816-542-2937).

Residential Benefits of Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt roofs continue to raise their effectiveness when it comes to residential roofing options. As the most beautiful, versatile, and affordable roofing solution, many homeowners prefer asphalt roofs. Not to mention, newer versions of asphalt roof materials are immune to water damage and very easy to maintain.

If you’re looking for more varieties, we suggest choosing an asphalt roof that resembles tile, cedar, slate, or wood that provides more benefits than other roofing types. You can have it at a very affordable price with durability and ease of installation!

Commercial Benefits of Asphalt Roofs

Manufactures across Kansas City Metro are making asphalt roofs better and more reliable for roofing companies, builders, architects, and commercial building owners. Thanks to the advancement of roofing solutions, adding polymers to the materials needed extend the strength and durability of asphalt roofs. You can now choose asphalt roofs for your commercial properties in any way you want it: cold, torch, hot, etc. Today’s asphalt roofing materials are not just beautiful, affordable, and reliable, but they can be the best option for your commercial roofing needs.

If you want the most cost-effective asphalt roofing services, never hesitate to reach us! We can maximize the usefulness of asphalt roofs, providing a great looking and protection for your commercial properties. We can do the right installation for you anytime you want!

All in All Benefits:


  • Different rich and attractive colors
  • Wide-ranging selection of textures
  • It looks like wood, cedar, tile, or slate
  • Elegant Curb Appeal


  • Superb Value
  • A lot of pricing options
  • Very affordable


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy repair
  • Low maintenance
  • Many options in terms of materials
  • No additional structure added to carry weight


  • Recyclable


  • Low maintenance


  • Up to 20 to 35 years life-span
  • Durable
  • Strong and tough
  • Reliable
  • Effective
  • Fewer leakage issues
  • Ideal weight – not too heavy or too light
  • Strong wind-resistant
  • Class A Fire resistant
  • Proven to be Popular in Kansas City Metro
  • Superb tensile strength
  • Adaptable to meet any flashing detail configuration
  • Suitable for all types of roof decks

Why Choose Driggs Roofing for Your Asphalt Roofing Services?

If you’re looking for asphalt roofing services, you’ve come to the right place. Just about everyone wants a stylish, up-to-date, and the most reliable roof solution for their homes and buildings, we are here to accommodate all your needs.

When you choose us to work for your asphalt roofing project, you’re making the right decision as you take a valued partner who prides integrity to make your home or building in such great form. Our business continues to grow as we constantly deliver fantastic work for our clients and their friends. We only get referrals because of our dedication and hard work! So you can be sure you’re hiring a team of roofing experts who all share the common goal of quality workmanship that exceeds customer’s expectations in the most effective and affordable way.

For over ten years of delivering roofing services to locals in Kansas Metro City, we have made a big difference. You’ll have that peace of mind knowing that we are handling your roof installation, repair, inspection, and other services. Not only quality workmanship, but we also guarantee our dear customers with five years of warranty for all of our services.

We are chosen for our trustworthy reputation. We want the best for you, which is why our team is composed of well-trained and highly skilled roofers. We operate in complete documents, with insurance and warranty. As the number one among all the roofing contractors locally, we only choose quality materials to perfect an excellent service.

We are chosen for a perfect roof! If you’d like to know more about us, we’d love to provide references so you can learn more, or you can visit our home page area or service area pages. We extend our work in different cities, including Lees Summit, Missouri; Belton, Missouri; Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Harrisonville, Missouri; and Peculiar, Missouri.

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We are Driggs Roofing, the most trusted roofing contractor based in Kansas City Metro. Whether you’re in need of roof repair or inspection, or you want to build your dream asphalt roofing, you can count on us! Contact us today, at (816-542-2937), for a free quote!

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