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Your home’s roof is the front-line defense against heavy rains, storms, and severe weather conditions. When you neglect to have a regular inspection, the first sign of leakage in the ceiling could be a bigger problem than what you think of right now.

A roof inspection is a preventive maintenance job that should be done at least two times a year. If you’re afraid of heights, don’t worry. You can do your own inspection from the ground using a pair of binoculars or using a ladder to get up close. Work your way around your house and see if you can find any potential problems.

Here’s a roofing inspection checklist that you can spot:

  • Debris on roof
  • Cracks or Alligatoring on Membrane roof
  • Deformed Edges
  • Curled or Buckled Shingles
  • Cracks on Ceiling
  • Water Leakage on Ceiling
  • Deformed Finish
  • Surface Deterioration
  • Cracks on Interior Wall
  • Water Staining
  • Window leaks
  • Missing or damaged chimney cap
  • Others

As a homeowner, you have to take care of your roof. However, to locate the spot of the other potential and more severe problems on your roof, you need training, skills, and years of hands-on experience to see the real condition of your roof. It isn’t a simple task, and for that reason, you need to find the best roofing contractors near you.

Are you in need of roofing inspection services? We’re serving¬†Kansas City, Missouri; Lees Summit, Missouri; Raymore, Missouri; Belton, Missouri; Pleasant Hill, Missouri; Harrisonville, Missouri; and Peculiar, Missouri! Please find out more about us.

Why Should I Get A Professional Roof Inspection?

Most people assume that their roofs are in good condition, properly installed, well made with high standard materials, and can withstand harsh weather. In reality, roofs are quite vulnerable. A roof that is flawed can put you and your family in danger. Also, a damaged roof can cause much bigger problems that can affect your businesses. The only solution to avoid such a dangerous situation is to have a professional inspection.

What to expect from our roof inspection?

Driggs Roofing Is Your Trusted Partner That Helps:

Save Your Money and Time

A roofing inspection is complicated, and it requires more than just basic knowledge. Hiring the wrong contractor to do the inspection project can provide incorrect details, resulting in improper repair or replacement. And, in just a matter of only a few years, you need to spend your money and even time to look for another roofing service provider to correct the work of the wrong company.

When you choose us, you have the assurance of getting the right and detailed information after we perform the roof inspection. That should make you save your money and time, and definitely no need to look for other roofing workers.

Get it Done Accurately

Be careful when choosing a roofing company because they can actually provide you with biased information regarding the inspection. They will most likely tell you to replace your roof immediately so they can sell their roof products.

As mentioned earlier, we will provide the right and detailed information to determine if your roof needs repair or replacement. There’s no sense in conducting an inspection and provide you with the wrong details. We will provide a detailed report that will substantiate our findings.

Let You Understand What to Do Next

Allowing you to understand your roof’s situation is what matters most in having an inspection. There’s a big difference in knowing when to repair versus when to replace. An improper understanding can lead to failure.

After our inspection and giving you detailed information, we will then discuss things with you. We will only give you an honest assessment and let you understand what to do next. The final appraisal could be a minor repair, major repair, or a replacement.

The Types of Roof Inspections We Offer

Structural Inspection

We will inspect your roof to determine its current condition. The inspection is to know the full useful service life of the roof and to identify what repairs need to be made. The inspection also helps decide if a full replacement is necessary.

Our structural inspection service is performed to help homeowners and commercial building owners plan for their budget for repairs or replacement. The inspector will look for signs of sagging, uneven roof planes, loose and missing shingles, etc. The information should justify where the capital investment for their roof is progressing.

Interior Inspection

Interior inspection is done inside your home or building. We will inspect your attic, interior walls, and ceiling for water mold, stains, or other signs that water may be leaking inside from the roof.

It will help homeowners and property owners to be aware of the condition of the roof.

Incident Inspection

We provide special roof inspection after your roof got hit by a strong wind, storm, hail, and other disastrous phenomena.

The incident inspection will help property owners regulate the damage causing the roof’s failure. The process of a thorough investigation is to assess if the roof can be repaired or not.

Annual Inspection

What we do here is conduct a roofing inspection on an annual basis. It is to determine if the roof continues to perform well.

Our annual roof inspection service consists of checking the roof flashing, damaged shingles, looking for missing shingles, and other maintenance issues. We do it to manage the current roof and maximize its life-span.

Installation Inspection

We offer inspection and evaluation of the roof done in improper installation based on good roofing practice and industry standards.

This service helps property owners’ especially commercial building owners with possible recourse against their previous contractors who may have installed the roof mistakenly. Additionally, to aid owners in getting their faulty roof corrected.

Driggs Roofing Puts Clients First

For us, it’s about meeting or even exceeding our customer’s roofing needs. The only thing we do is to provide a reliable roofing inspection service. From the minute you reach out to our team to the inspection process, we set a high priority on satisfaction.¬†

We pride ourselves on placing strong customer relationships for a better experience. At the end of the day, our job is to put our clients first. We will do it with integrity. We ensure you you’ll have the right information, nothing less and nothing more!

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