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TPO roofs, also known as Thermoplastic Polyolefin, have existed for over 30 years. If you happen to see commercial or residential buildings used these bright white roofing materials, they are the TPO roofs. This type of roof is a single-ply reflective roofing membrane made from polypropylene, and ethylene-propylene rubber polymerized together.

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Are TPO roofs popular?

TPO roofs are trendy options for commercial roofing because of their durability, strength, elegance, long-lasting service, high resistance to wear and tear, and impact. It is also an excellent option for residential properties, including houses, etc.

What are the Characteristics of TPO roofs?

TPO roofs have vital characteristics, including:

  • A single-ply thermoplastic membrane is installed without multiple layers.
  • There are different installation methods, such as adherence, mechanical attachment, ballasting, and plate bonding.
  • TPO membranes have a variety of colors, such as white, grey, and tan.
  • TPO flashings and membranes are processed in hot-air welding equipment.
  • Manufacturer warranties are available for installations up to 30 years
  • TPO membranes are sturdy and grease resistant

The Benefits of TPO Roofing for Commercial and Residential Buildings

TPO roofs are among the most common single-ply roofing choices for flat roofs, best for your commercial and residential premises. Here are the lists of its benefits.


TPO roofing is appealing in both residential and commercial buildings because of its elegant looks, durability, and cost-effectiveness. It becomes more and more popular thanks to its resistance to bacteria, dirt, algae, and debris buildup. The installation process takes a very short time due to its large panels, reducing the number of required seams and cutting labor cost that allows you to save money. TPO roofs are low in maintenance, which further increases their economic efficiency.

2.Versatile and Durable

With high-quality materials, TPO roofs provide elegant looks at the same time, can withstand mold growth, dirt, algae, and wear and tear. TPO roofs come in several aesthetically pleasing choices that can complement your commercial or residential properties. You can choose the reflective color from white, gray, and black.


For those who are concerned with the health of the environment, TPO roofs are your best option. Compared to other roofing types, TPO roofs have reflective properties of light colors, decreasing energy waste from HVAC systems. It is also considered a cool roof option and is 100% recyclable!

4.Easy to Install

Installing TPO roofs is easy compared to other roofing materials. It is light and comes in wider sheets, making them very easy to handle. That makes TPO roofing a favorite among commercial businesses.


The installation of TPO roofs can be completed on flat roof surfaces and on both low-and high-slope roofs. TPO roofs are made of flexible materials heated and reheated multiple times to reshape. Because of its flexibility, it is highly resistant to wear and tears, and punctures. It also offers a long-lasting performance!


For commercial business owners, TPO roofs are the best option for their roofing needs. Aside from their high-quality materials, TPO roofs are very affordable. It offers pretty much the same benefits as other roofing options at a much lower price.

7.Class A Fire-Rated

TPO roofs can achieve class A fire resistance. By adding fire retardant chemicals during the manufacturing process, TPO roofs become more reliable for commercial buildings.

How TPO Roofs Repaired?

As we all know, nothing will last forever. Your TPO roof will last approximately 10 to 20 years. At this time, you’ll experience problems as seams rip apart, flashings fall, the membrane is punctured, and other issues. Further, the damage will cause leakage and can affect your business.

The first sign of a TPO roof that needs repair is when water enters the building. The leakage happens because the seams have been ripped open.

Once this happens, contact your roofing contractors. You can call us anytime you want so we can perform our roof inspection services and evaluate what repair services are needed.

During our inspection, we will spot issues like:

  • Where the water enters your insulation
  • What is the current condition of the seams?
  • Estimation of how long your roof can hold up
  • Others

Why Choose Driggs Roofing for TPO Roof Installation and Repair Services?

Here at Driggs Roofing, we are unquestionably the most trusted roofing company for your commercial and residential roofing services in Kansas City Metro. Our company has always been focused on delivering the best TPO roofing services to locals. With extensive knowledge and years of experience in the roofing industry, we promise to accommodate all your needs and provides 100% client satisfaction.

Choosing us has never been a mistake. We always perform a quick and hassle-free assessment of your roofing project. We offer the best installation method that best fits your commercial roofing needs. We have the right equipment and tools for the installation as well as the repair services.

Our team is equipped with professional skills, quality workmanship, and experience. They are the most reliable roofers with a great attitude that satisfies your requirements for proper installation and safety. Our roofers are dedicated, and they give importance to attention to detail in following roofing industry standards.

Lastly, we have the experience, best quality materials, and guaranteed workmanship. Our experience includes a specialty in roof inspection and repair. Additionally, we’re an authorized and certified roofing company that can deliver all your commercial roofing needs with the principle of providing top-quality materials. Moreover, all our works are guaranteed with 5 years warranty!

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