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Before, the use of metal roofing was common in residential settings. This was mainly because of expensive fabrication and manufacturing. However, the growing demand for metal makes it affordable to anyone due to its durability and durability; making it a leading roofing material. 

Nowadays, whether you notice them or not, the use of metal roofs is becoming more and more popular. However, to fully make the most of its many benefits you need to ensure that it is properly installed by professional roofers. At Driggs Roofing, we are considered industry-leaders in the trade, and we proudly serve the community of Kansas City, Missouri, and beyond for more than 10 years!

Metal Roofing is A Lifetime Investment

Longer Life Expectancy

Having a longer life is one of the advantages of metal roofing compared to other roofing materials. Typically, metal roofing can last for 50 years and beyond, which is 3 times longer compared to an asphalt shingle roof. Metal roofing is also known for being sturdy, resilient, and requires very low maintenance.

It can also resist other elements like extreme heat or snow, strong winds, hail, heavy rain, and decaying. Its smooth surface offers maximum rain and snow shedding protection, making it safe to the overall structure from potential snow and rain damage.

Heat Conduction and Resistant

Metal can reflect beams of the sun, thus it can help in making the inside of your home or office cool during the midday heat. This also promotes a proper air conditioning unit within your property to help it work properly and save resources.

Fire Safety Purposes

Having metal roof installation is the best fire protection and prevents it from spreading. Metal roofs are naturally non-flammable and help protect your valuable assets against fire that is wide-spreading from the vicinity.

Lightweight Material

Choosing a metal roof as your primary roofing material is a wise choice especially if you are looking for relatively lightweight materials. Compared to other roofing materials available in the market, a tile weighs approximately 750 pounds per square. Meanwhile, a concrete tile weighs approximately 900 pounds per square. 

However, most of the metal roofs weigh approximately between 50-150 pounds per square. Thus, it puts less stress on the entire structure that it sits upon compared to other types of roof selections.

Fast and Easy Installation

The metal roof shingles offer a large size between 12 and 36 inches in width. A wide panel plus their lightweight characteristic makes the metal roofing installation run seamlessly compared to other options. Thus, it will be beneficial to your property as it will be protected as soon as possible against weather, outside elements, and more.

Saves Money and Other Resources

Although the metal roofing prices can be initially much higher compared to the other roofing alternatives, they also have a higher return on investment in the future. Because metal roofs are known for being durable, they outshine other roofing materials in the competition. You may have to pay additional repair or redo fees if your roof is made out of other materials.

Additionally, metal roof repair and maintenance is way cheaper over time because metal roofs can resist the elements. Metal roofs are also the ideal roofing material to use for protecting a building that has the least maintenance requirements. As a result, it will help you to save from roof-repair fees in the long run.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Aside from being durable, metal roofing creates stunning appeal. It also comes available to a wide spectrum of configurations as well as colors.

Environmentally and Eco Friendly 

Nowadays, the use of metal roofing is eco-friendly and acceptable in an environmentally sensitive world. It is 100% pure and clean (particularly essential to water collection roof systems). Naturally, metals are 100% recyclable, it can lessen the increasingly expensive problem of disposal.

Cost-Effective Application

A metal roof work typically needs less labor for the overall installation process compared to either tile, shingle, or shake. 

Lower Lifetime cost

Metal roofing can absorb and reflect the heat efficiently compared to other competing materials, converting to lower cooling consumptions. Additionally, it sheds water and snow for an extended lifespan.

Weather Resistance

Metal roofing can withstand inclement weather including rain, snow, high winds, hail, and snow – way better compared to any other roofing material. Metal systems can withstand strong winds up to 200 M.P.H. in tests. It has already survived other windstorms, and hurricanes when other roofing materials have failed.

Longer Life Expectancy

A quality metal roof especially if properly installed by professional roofers should have a longer life expectancy.

Strength and Resilience

Metal roofing does not easily crack, split, rot, or warp and is impenetrable to pestering creatures like termites. High yield strength steel is between 30-80 KSI; therefore, the panel size and panel configuration of a typical metal roof contribute to the overall structural integrity of the roofing system that is not offered by other roofing materials.

Fire Ratings

Most of the metal roofing systems come with fire ratings that can help to lessen the homeowner’s insurance rates in the long run.


A metal roofing system that is installed properly by roofer specialists can become low-maintenance or might even be maintenance-free until it achieves its life expectancy.

Clean, Hassle-Free, and Premium Quality Metal Roofing 

Over the years, Driggs Roofing has changed the landscape of roofing companies that provide premium metal roof installations. We strive in offering the best quality of metal roofing materials directly to homeowners and business owners in Kansas City, Missouri.  

We specialize in metal roofing, but also we provide a wide range of roofing services like roof inspection and repair, asphalt, and TPO roofing in both residential and commercial spaces. As our client, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property investment is covered by our lifetime workmanship. We stand firm on every roofing project that we deliver that is backed by professionalism and extensive years in the trade.

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