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A professional roof inspection is essential for every home. Even if your home is not up for sale, having a regular roof inspection must be on your bucket list to ensure the health of your home. It can help you detect as well as prevent common roofing problems before they might happen.  

Since your home is one of your valuable investments, trusting the roofing professionals in your area is imperative. Thankfully, at Driggs Roofing, you have a team of experts that you can rely on for your roofing services needs. We proudly serve Kansas City, Missouri, Belton, Missouri, Harrisonville, Missouri, Lees Summit, Missouri, Peculiar, Missouri, Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Raymore, Missouri for more than 10 years.

Major Reasons Roofs Should Be Inspected Regularly

Roofs are often compared to the tires of a car. We only see their value when a roofing issue arises. Thus, we only tend to repair or replace them when we only feel the need.

Extending the lifespan of your roof begins with regular inspections coming from your professional roofing contractor. 

That’s why we listed below are some of the major benefits of having a regular roof inspection for your home:

Natural Aging and Weathering

The natural benchmark lifespan of low-slope multi-ply bituminous roofs is 20 to 30 years. Meanwhile, approximately 15 to 25 years for most of the single-ply roofs. Regardless of the type of roof you have, they all undergo their normal weathering and aging condition as time goes by.

As a result, those factors can bring nasty and unpleasant visible appearance to your roof. As roofs normally weather and age, openings may occur and may lead to water seeping and leaks. However, regular roof inspections may spot decayed areas and make the owner schedule maintenance to address these deficiencies and prevent costly repairs in the future.

Maintenance Damage and Prevention

Having an unprotected roof, common damage might happen from tradespeople who are performing maintenance on your air conditioning or other systems in your home. This incident happens because of technicians who leave refrigerant containers or fail to close the mechanical access panels on roofs.

Additionally, some tradespeople often fail in cleaning up the mess. Debris or items left on roofs are prone to becoming flying objects during hurricane season. A regular inspection that also provides a roof cleaning program to the maintenance cycle is essential to every householder.

Vegetation Damage

Vegetation can easily grow and breed on roofs especially if your gutters or low areas are not clean regularly. The bird lands and crates nest on different parts of your roof. Oftentimes, they also bring seeds along with them which is the main cause of vegetation growth.

The gutters are commonplace for vegetation growth because it piles up seeds, moisture, and debris. Moreover, tree branches that are swinging to your roof during strong wind lead to significant damage. Just like any other part of your home, gutters must be cleaned regularly, and trees in the vicinity of your roofs must be trimmed to avoid contact with the surfaces of your roof.

A major problem that is associated with vegetation growth is that big roots can penetrate the roof membrane and create leakage. Root damage from vegetation can be prevalent and major to homeowners. However, a regular inspection can call the owner’s attention before a sprouting problem grows bigger.

Leak Assessment

You probably want thorough roof inspections after a hurricane or heavy rains hit your area. But the truth is, leakage issues may have been building for quite some time. In some cases, a leak might be a silver lining.

Because of a roof leak, you may easily spot problems at an early stage of moisture infiltration. If left unseen and untreated, it may continue to create deterioration including corrosion, wet insulation, rotting wood, or mold.

An experienced roofer can conduct a comprehensive leak investigation and detailed diagnosis. Leaks are proof of minor or major roof problems. Many roofs that are in excellent condition have leaks because of some minor flashing issues.

Generally, low slope roofs leak rarely in the open field of the roof. Leaks happen around discontinuities like some alteration in flashings, penetrations, elevation, or expansion joints. Meanwhile, roofs that are severely decaying may not manifest visible leaks.

It is commonly seen over concrete decks where leaks may travel at a great distance before it finally reaches the entry point through the concrete. When this happens, the damage created by moisture saturation on your roof insulation is severe, it might require a roof replacement.


Thieves can break into your property through unlocked roof hatches. Having regular roof inspections through the experts can disclose any security breaches that make the owners lessen the possibilities of burglary, thief, and vandalism. A broken skylight is most likely to be one of the sources of leaks, and unsecured skylights are inviting any security threat.

The Roofing Specialists that You Can Depend On

Here at Driggs Roofing, we strive harder to be able to help you make the most of the life of your roof. Yet, the only way to give you 100% satisfaction is to ensure that you only get the attention and roofing services that you need to make this possible. Whether you want a regular check on the home that you have been living in for many years or planning to buy a home and looking for a fair assessment, our team can handle everything for you.

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