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Oftentimes, the roof in your home is often neglected even though it’s the first defense of protection between you and outside elements like weather. It’s imperative to have your roof repaired as soon as possible if you notice some early signs. Some roof problems allow water to seep; thus, it might affect the structural problems that will grow worse if left unattended.

If that is the case, you should call your local roofers to make an accurate assessment and repair your damaged roof. Thankfully, you can depend on Driggs Roofing for professional roof repair services. Our unrivaled roofing services are the top-choice to clients across Kansas City, Missouri, Belton, Missouri, Harrisonville, Missouri, Lees Summit, Missouri, Peculiar, Missouri, Pleasant Hill, Missouri, and Raymore, Missouri for more than 10 years.

Signs You Should Repair Your Roof

Before you call for a professional roofing assessment, here are some of the signs you need to know if your roof may need repair before it’s too late:

A beam of Light in the Attic

If a ray of sunlight or outside light begins to beam right into your attic, it indicates that your roof needs repair promptly. The outside light that is coming through your attic during daylight shows an obvious and major problem.

If you notice a ray of light (or just a single ray) coming into the attic, that means that water can easily find its way to seep through those same spots. You may call the professionals at Driggs Roofing to ask for professional roofing advice and repair. This would need a replacement of the shingles, or some of your plywood is starting to decay and might be compromised.

Visible Shingle Damage

You may also examine your shingles and see for signs of curling or cracking. Another indication that you need roof specialists is when you notice some missing shingles. An experienced roofer determines what exactly roof repair is needed.

The issues with your shingles commonly show that they’ve already reached their maximum lifespan and they need a replacement. The more shingles that are not in good condition indicate a bigger scope of the damage.

Sagging Spots in Your Roof

If you notice a sagging or drooping part in your roof means that it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Sagging roofs are a result of trapped moisture that makes boards deteriorate.

Initially, you may spot the sagging spots starting from the lowest part of your roof, then going upward. If you notice some drooping areas, it’s time to call our roofing repair specialists at Driggs Roofing as soon as possible.

Obvious Green Spots

After heavy rain, the rainwater usually sits on the top of your roof causing moss growth particularly those on the under shaded areas. Fungi and moss can pile up on your roof, meaning that there is no sufficient moisture to evaporate.

You don’t need to panic if you spot some mold or moss here and there on your roof. However, large areas that are covered with a thick blotch of plants could be a warning sign that your roof is possibly rotting. You may remove the mossy patches by using a stiff brush to gently scratch them away.

It’s time to call for roof repair services if you start discovering some visible rotting underneath.

Granules in Your Gutters

Roofs that are made from asphalt or composite shingles normally use granules on their top layer. As time goes by, the granules wear off and shed; a few granules shedding in your roof is normal, however, a pile of granules indicates a serious roofing problem. First, you may check your gutters after a strong rain, then you may look for the granules piling up.

The granules usually look like bigger black sand, which might damage your roof and needs immediate TLC and professional repair. In most cases, the missing granules are because of shingles that are aged or possibly because of damage after a hail storm or hurricane strikes.

Skyrocketed Energy Consumption

As the changing weather is inevitable; during summer or winter seasons, you most likely know how much your monthly bill consumption should be each month. But, If your bills begin to spike up and reach unusually high amounts, your roof may have some issues that need to be addressed.

Your interior temperatures start to become uneven if air escapes into a hole in your roof. Your HVAC system will strive beyond its capacity to make you more comfortable. Thus, it will result in higher utility consumption costs. You may initially check your roof to spot for signs of damage and call the roofer experts at Driggs Roofing for immediate repair. 

Unpleasant Stains on Your Walls or Ceilings 

Having a roof leak may cause water and stains to pile up on your ceilings or wallings in your property. These nasty stains not only give eyesores but are an indicator of serious roof-related issues. Having water stains all over your home is not normal unless there’s some sort of leaking issue that needs to get repaired.

It may also indicate that the roof underlayment is compromised because water can go in. It might also be an obvious sign of a hole as well as a serious breach of your roof’s overall structural integrity.

A Responsive Team Ready to Serve You

We understand how frustrating it is to have a damaged and leaky roof, which is why Driggs Roofing has dedicated roofers available to respond to your roofing repair needs 24/7. Our customers are delighted to know that right after their initial phone call, our uniformed crew will show up on their doorsteps in an emergency! We’re a local company in Kansas City, Missouri that strives to go above and beyond to handle all your unique roofing needs.

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