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    As we live in a busy world, it is really hard to juggle household chores and work. What’s more frustrating is fixing a leaky roof all by yourself. However, a roof repair needs to be attended to and fixed immediately to prevent significant damage in the long run.

    It is no secret that to extend the lifespan of your roof you need to detect minor damage before it becomes major damage. This is where Driggs Roofing can help you protect your property investment while extending your roof longevity significantly. Being in the industry for more than 10 years and counting, we were able to install and repair roofs under our belt for our clients in Pleasant Hill, Missouri. 

    Why Roof Repair and Maintenance is Essential

    Including regular maintenance for roofs can determine early signs of damage caused by outdoor elements or severe weather before they progress into major roofing issues. Early detection might potentially save you a significant amount on repairs as well as on the replacement labor work! That is why our professional roofers highly recommend these roofing inspections at least once per year. 

    Also, we recommend having additional inspections right after extreme weather strikes. These include hurricanes, hail, strong rains, and windstorms so that damages can be spotted right away at the earliest before they turn into something bigger if left neglected.

    The Team You Can Depend On In Times Of Emergency

    Our team at Driggs Roofing is more than happy to provide you with fast and reliable service during the times when you need a roofing service the most. Our professional roofers can schedule and conduct a thorough inspection of your roof annually. We may also perform any repairs right away that may be identified during our inspection (upon your approval) to preserve your roof’s structural integrity.

    Our team at Driggs Roofing are highly-trained to do the following:

    • We inspect each shingle to see any damage like loss of granule (used for UV protection), buckling, and curling.
    • Our roofers will look if there are missing shingles.

    • Our roofing technicians will Inspect the roof itself for any early signs of blistering, ridging, and buckling. 

    • We thoroughly check for any organic debris like algae, moss, or mold that could potentially affect the integrity and performance of your roof.

    Count As In for Specialized Roofing Needs and Repairs

    At Driggs Roofing, we have been inspecting, installing, and repairing roofs in Kansas City, Missouri, and neighboring cities for more than a decade. We are professional roofers that adhere to the highest requirements and standards in the roofing industry to exceed minimum building code standards. Our company strongly upholds every roofing principle as well as sustainable business practices.

    We stand firm with our work backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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